If you photograph some interesting wildlife and would like to share it here, just send me your photo using the Contact link. Include the location it was taken, any backstory, and how you would like it credited.

Accipiter, possibly a sharp-shinned hawk

In Feb 2013, Gary Warzocha of Hampton, CT wondered why his birdfeeder wasn't emptying as quickly as it had been. He now thinks perhaps this Accipiter had something to do with it. It's a Cooper's hawk or a Sharp-shinned hawk. Gary is leaning towards a Sharp-shinned.

Black bear on the deck

In East Hartland, CT, Mel Harder was visited by a black bear on the deck of the house in 2012. Perhaps not one's favorite place for a bear sighting! The bear is wearing tags and a collar. By calling the CT DEEP, Mel learned the bear was female, had been tagged in 2010, and was 200lbs when she was tagged.

Barred owl on the deck

S. Vinson had this barred owl land on the deck rail one summer evening in 2012. The photo was taken through the screen sliding door in North Stonington, CT.

Pickerel frog in a flowerpot

E. Feltham in Lyme was able to identify the frogs "buzzing" in the 2012 spring evenings as pickerel frogs. She found one sitting in a flowerpot in Lyme, CT.

mouse close up

I ejected some white-footed mice from my garden shed in southeastern CT. I deposited them in a glass aquarium lined with moss and set it in the yard to take pictures before I released them into the woods. A bit of birdseed distracted them for the camera.

Wood turtle

Veronica G. photographed this turtle in her central CT garden in July of 2012. After comparing photographs and reading descriptions, she decided her original guess that it was a wood turtle was probably correct. The wood turtle is a species of Special Concern status in CT.

Grey tree frog on house

Jan Hecht photographed this little grey treefrog clinging to the side of the house in Wallingford CT in July 2012.

Grey tree frog

Tom Crider got this nice shot of a grey treefrog in September, 2012 in Southbury, CT.

meadow vole

I annoyed this vole by moving the branch underneath which he was hiding. He hesitated long enough that I got a picture before he ran off. I know he was probably one of the culprits eating my hosta roots, but I let him go anyway! Southeastern CT.

barred owl

This lovely photo of a barred owl was taken by Frank Volpicelli in Darien, CT in November 2012.


Look closely to see the coyote peering out of the trees in the top right of the photo. Bill B. of New Haven managed to snap this shot of the cautious coyote before it moved on in November 2012.

Great Blue Heron

This great blue heron adds elegance to a wintery scene in Jan 2013. E. Feltham took the picture in Lyme, CT.