milk snake

In May 2014, Rick Rossling had a visitor in Coventry. When he and his wife discovered this eastern milksnake in their basement, they went for their camera. Shortly afterwards the snake moved on. It probably dropped by for a snack of mice or toads which Rick says wander into their basement occasionally.


In June 2014 James Saccoccio photographed this Bobcat outside his balcony in East Windsor right next to the Connecticut river.

osprey and nest

osprey and nest

Peter Alessi photographed an osprey making use of the chimney of the old Seaside Sanatorium for a nesting site in Waterford, CT.

northern watersnake

Kelly McDevitt photographed this snake during a May hike in Devil's Hopyard State park, East Haddam. An identification of a Northern water snake was decided upon.

buteo hawk

J. Venables caught this hawk hanging around his house in July 2014. It is a buteo hawk, likely a red-shouldered hawk.


This lovely shot of a ring-necked pheasant was taken by K. Bender on his front lawn in Lebanon CT on December 2014.