In Jan 2015, D. Morneault saw this bobcat on their property in Thomaston, CT.

bald eagle

Website visitor Abroy saw adult and juvenile bald eagles in Griswold in Feb 2015. This is a shot of the adult.

red bellied woodpecker

B. Hagemann got a lovely close-up of this red-bellied woodpecker on their feeder in Prospect, CT. It was a hard winter and birdfeeders were in heavy use in Feb 2015.


Which member of the weasel family is this? We decided it was probably a mink. Taken by Y. Defransesco, Mar 2015, in Weston, CT.

red fox

Red foxes look extra-pretty against the snow. And we still had snow in April 2015. C. Wood photographed this red fox in their yard in Southbury, CT.


E. Feltham thinks this accipiter hawk is probably a Cooper's hawk. Photographed in Lyme, CT in May 2015.

gray fox

Gray foxes are as lovely as red foxes in my opinion. This gray fox was one of two photographed by K. McCarthy in Niantic, May 2015.

red shouldered hawk

This red-shouldered hawk visited Steve Meigs' backyard in Newington in the summers of 2014 and 2015.

gray fox

Bert Piedmont had gray treefrog tadpoles in his Wallingford pond. He got these terrific photos of the newly transformed little froglets in the summer of 2015.

gray fox

Gorgeous shot of a bobcat from Ethel Feltham of Lyme.

gray fox

C. Valli came across an eastern red newt while hiking in Colebrook CT in the summer of 2015.

gray fox

L. Mahoney took a picture of this copperhead as it was fleeing the backyard in Southbury. Snakes do try to avoid humans.