Redbelly Snake

Redbelly Snake- NPS (public domain)

The redbelly snake is a small snake. It has a brown or black with a bright red or orangish belly. It has 3 light-colored neck spots. It can be 8 to 11 inches long.

The redbelly snake ranges through the eastern half of the US except for southernmost Florida. In Connecticut it is found in the northeastern and northwestern parts of the state. The DEP reports that recent fieldwork located some in southeastern Connecticut near the Rhode Island border.

Redbelly snake habitat is moist woods. They can be found under debris in open areas.

Most redbelly snakes mate in the spring but some do so in the fall. Sperm lives over the winter inside females that have mated in the fall and fertilization occurs the following spring. Redbelly females give birth to live young.

Redbelly snakes hibernate in the winter. They migrate to and from their hibernation sites in the fall and the spring. They den communally and use anthills, old rodent burrows or rotting stumps.

Redbelly snakes eat insects, slugs and earthworms.

These are docile snakes. They rarely bite. They may release musk when handled, but it is mild compared to other snakes' musk. They are harmless little snakes. It's best to leave them in peace.

The redbelly snake is often confused with the northern watersnake, the ring-necked snake and the eastern wormsnake..